Fashion Friday - "One Time for Sagittarius Season"

“One Time for Sagittarius Season “

Happy Friday Milwaukee! With 2018 coming to a close, that also means its time for my BIRTHDAY! The year has been so good to me with joining CopyWrite, having the opportunity to style some of Milwaukee’s finest, and collaborating with creative giants. It has been a great ride! 
This weekend I am celebrating my 26th and as your fashion ambassador, its only right that I step out in style! The vibe was black and gold to represent the royalty we are. This shirt has been laying in wait in my closet for such an occasion and you can’t go wrong pairing your statement pieces with all black! Hear me and hear me good! Your look can say a lot when you bring simplicity.


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Keep it fly Milwaukee!


#CWMerchMonday - @miltownvicious

Today’s #CWMerchMonday is from @miltownvicious

"No one has more heart than the people who live in the city of Milwaukee. This t-shirt line bears our heart and shows off our city pride. Pride for the people raised here, for the people who attended MPS, for the people who left and serve as our city ambassadors- this is for the people who stayed and make this city a better place. 

Miltown Vicious is for us. Vicious because we have nerve. Vicious because we stop at nothing to attain achievement. Vicious, because we are ferocious in our pursuit of a better life.

Milwaukee is our heart. The good, the bad, and the cultured. And if anyone tries to challenge you in that, just point to your heart and humbly remind them that you're Miltown Vicious."

Check out their Instigram and to get the Merch!


Fashion Friday - Locally Fresh 2018 Pop Up Vendor and Fashion Showcase (Fall)

Did somebody say Friday??? Better yet, Fashion Friday!? Cheers to the weekend Milwaukee! 

“I can’t believe we made it! This is what we thankful for!” -The Carters 

In case you missed it, I want to take you all back to last weekend. Last Sunday was the “Locally Fresh 2018 Pop Up Vendor and Fashion Showcase” hosted by The Classic Shoppe & Fresh Bucks Custom Designs (& of course sponsored in part by CopyWrite Magazine). This event was the perfect setting for local designers to show us what they have available and overall I was quite pleased! Ranging from kids to extended sizes, the fashion show debuted everything from graphic tees, to tracksuits to scarves and leg warmers. With winter approaching quickly, these entrepreneurs brought the heat to the Astor Hotel ballroom! 

(It was definitely an upgrade from the last show, and the local love was real).

 Tracksuits by No Fingerprints clothing ( @nofingerprints_lp )

Tracksuits by No Fingerprints clothing (@nofingerprints_lp)

  Look by Distinctive Designs by Tomira ( @myddbt )

Look by Distinctive Designs by Tomira (@myddbt)

Special thank you to The Classic Shoppe for having us and shout out to all the brands that came out!

Check them out and grab some local merch via Instagram: 


Fashion Fridays - Let's talk about #InstaMeetMKE

Uh-ohhhhhh, back again Milwaukee! Fall is approaching and so is FASHION! With a new season comes another InstaMeet. Last Sunday, CopyWrite Magazine assembled some of the best of the best when it comes to stylists, photographers, and models to come together and create art right here on our city’s streets. Hosted by Milwaukee’s own Vato (@vatomke) the InstaMeet featured on-the-spot styling, impromptu photo shoots, guest speakers and of course the chance to get your hands on an issue of CopyWrite Magazine!

 Model: @_slim_slim Shot by @freakishnerd

Model: @_slim_slim
Shot by @freakishnerd

Events like this are important for us creatives because it encourages collaboration! There is no competition and egos are left at the door. My personal favorite thing about the InstaMeet is meeting other creatives who are passionate about their art, no matter what their avenue is. 

 Model: @rubysol_shiningjewel Styled by: Shot by: @toplothedon

Model: @rubysol_shiningjewel
Styled by:
Shot by: @toplothedon

Special thanks to EVERYONE who came out and we look forward to seeing what heat you bring to the winter InstaMeet!


To find out more about events like this and for those coming in the future, keep your eyes peeled on CopyWrite Magazine (@copywritemag) and if you’d like to be a featured stylist, photographer, or a guest speaker at the next InstaMeet, contact us via email at

Until next time, 
Keep it fly, keep it local.


Fashion Friday - Poppin' At the Pop-Up

Happy Friday to our readers!

Listen, most of us had a short week thanks to the holiday and THAT means....ITS ALREADY FRIDAY!! Fashion Friday that is.

In case you missed it (I’m judging you lol) last weekend Copywrite sponsored a pop-up shop event where the style inclined members of our city were welcome to come shop with some local retailers and cop some dope merchandise. Also, you guys had a chance to come meet the minds behind Copywrite and a few featured artists from issue 12....not to mention you could have bought your copy! (Ok I’m done rubbing it in. Lol)


Say hello to Zhané who came through and walked away with these killer shades from Distinctive Designs by Tomira! Zhané said she felt like she could throw these glasses on and be out the door with the fierceness on overload. I dig em!
You guys can follow Zhané on Instagram @zhaneezy!

Special thanks to Miss Tomira for having us and letting me style with her clothing and fly accessories! You can check out her merchandise on Instagram by following @myddbt !

Until next time Milwaukee!


Fashion Friday - Shine Bright

Hello Milwaukee!

Here we are again already for Fashion Friday! These weeks are flying by which means summer will be leaving us soon. :(

Even with last night being a bit chilly, that didn’t stop Elijah from bringing the heat! Until recently I had only seen him on social media so when we ended up at the same spot, I had to grab him for a photo! From head to toe his look hit the mark for me....did you peep his footwork?

To keep up with Elijah and the moves he’s making in fashion, you can follow his Instagram @profashional.eli and also check out some dope merch he’s recently debuted!
As always stay fly and #supportthelocal !


Fashion Friday - Milwaukee’s Finest

This week’s Fashion Friday post goes to someone that not only had a dope look but also he has achieved something pretty dope!

Eugene rocked this Frank Ocean inspired look with black distressed denim, a striped long sleeve tee, and black bandana to tie it all together. Today, Eugene’s original photography will be unveiled along with several other artists from Milwaukee to be displayed at the new Fiserv Forum downtown! NBA players, entertainers of all sorts and thousands of fans from around the world will get to see what talent Milwaukee has to offer for years to come and that’s pretty dope!

To check out some of Eugene’s work, head over to his Instagram and follow him @cartervzls !

Until next time, stay dope.


Fashion Friday - "Issa Trend!"

Let me holla at you guys about something near and dear to my closet and I! Usually I will shy away from trends because it takes away the ability to be original and unique. Today, I am making an exception. Color blocking!

With the release of the Finesse remix, we were reminded of our colorful past that was the 90s and color blocking was huge then. Color blocking features bold sections of different colors being displayed on a piece of clothing.  The bold pattern can even be dated back to the 1980s but due to a conflict of interest (Ahem, I’m a full-blooded 90s baby), I won’t even go there. 
Check out some dope shots of my favorite color blocking moments in the past.

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Love MKE,


Fashion Friday with a twist...of honesty

Something Different!

Yoooooo! First off, let's give a shout out one time for the fact that its FRIDAY! Two times for the fact that it’s FASHION FRIDAY! 

I missed you guys last week and to be honest, I’ve been in a funk. Nothing too serious but self-doubt has been eating me up. I enjoy being fashionable because its an enhancement of who I am. I express myself through clothing as I am painfully shy. Lately, I have been questioning if I have what it takes to work side by side with some of the designers and stylists of Milwaukee who have inspired me. Do I have the potential to join the ranks of the very best?

Today, I would like to embrace the glow up! What would we say if given the chance to speak to our younger selves? I say to this 19-year-old Jacob to always believe in yourself no matter what. I would tell him that your path is not determined by what others expect from you. Always know that individuality is what sets you apart from the pack. 


I encourage you all to keep pushing towards what fulfills your spirit. Never let your current situation situate your future destination!

Love MKE,