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A word from our partners:

We at The Elements Podcast are honored to announce our new partnership with CopyWrite Mag. Through hard work and a commitment to Milwaukee's Hip Hop scene together we will be able to make big things happen for Hip Hop and for Milwaukee.

-DUB, Founder of The Elements: A Hip-Hop Podcast

As we continue to support the local we will now be vocal in our partnerships to further connections in our community and to bring light to the real bonds that have elevated the Urban creative scene in MKE. We are MKE Hip-Hop!


Dom’ McNeal - Lake Drive (video submission)

unnamed (3).jpg

“Dom McNeal is an up-and-coming hip-hop artist from Milwaukee who has a flow that really stands out and is hard to compare to anyone else. With summer vibes and being produced by Tyso Sprme and Deuce LB$, it’s definitely a project that’s opening ears.”

...and this song has us listening!

‘Lake Drive’ is the second track from McNeal’s latest project ‘SummertimeDOM’ and it’s a song we can all relate to -taking those summer drives to the lake with ya boo, just chillin’. But also the idea of us all having dreams and wanting the most out of life. The production of the song is smooth with melodic snares carefully placed within the beat for a nice soft touch.

And we can’t forget to mention the dope visuals of the downtown 414 skyline in the background.

Dom McNeal’s project is available on all streaming platforms, make sure you check it out!


#RespectTheDynasty - House Of Renji x CopyWrite Magazine


A word from our partners:

In 2013, the House Of Renji was founded as a means to propel the careers of young creatives in the city of Milwaukee. During our 5 years of existence, growth and expansion CopyWrite Magazine has been there the entire way. 

Every step, every song, every tour, and every moment has been thoroughly documented and shared by the family we have in CopyWrite.

We’re pleased to announce our official partnership with CopyWrite Magazine in hopes that everyone will view this long term relationship as an inspiration and example of what is possible between not only companies, but people, who believe in the same ideals and have the same goals in mind. 

Here’s to everything urban, respect. 

- The House 

As we continue to support the local we will now be vocal in our partnerships to further connections in our community and to bring light to the real bonds that have elevated the Urban creative scene in MKE. If there were ever any doubts, let it be clear, The Dynasty Lives!


Valerie Lighthart - I'll Be Damned

It’s October! Which means it’s officially time to put away your summer clothes and pull out the sweaters and jackets. I’m sure these brisk and gloomy days in the Mil have put us all in #ChillMode lately, but this soft song will be a great refresher to help you get through these rainy days, while also putting a little pep in ya step during this crisp season.

Shoutout to Valerie Lighthart for sending us her song “I’ll Be Damned”, produced by Immortal Girlfriend, and for attending our recent #InstaMeetMKE at Company Brewing.

This song is available on all streaming platforms and you can look forward to her EP this Fall!



Chloé - Outta My Face ( Feat. Chay Milan and Frances King)

Today's submission comes straight from one of our Chi-town neighbors, Chloé.

“Outta My Face” featuring Chay Milan and Frances King has that soft but punchy production that Chicago is known for. With wispy undertones, “the ladies pay homage to those summer vibes riding with your crew or a side piece in a cool ride”.

We love to hear the ladies come through with some witty bars & attitude! #WeSeeYou

As we break away from those summer nights (it just feels so far away *tear*) and get straight back to business, lets put this track in rotation!

Oh and yo... “Back up out of my face” lol


*Now Available on All Major Platforms *

Vincent Van Great x Dana Coppa - A Tape Called Fresh (Album + Videos)

Freeeesh indeed! “Sppshhht. Houston we have visuals!”

We have been anticipating  “A Tape Called Fresh”, the two sided album presented by Vincent Van Great & Dana Coppafeel. As we said in our press release “On To Greater Things” post Van Great’s Summerfest performance, the project would be coming giving light to the old vibes that SAFS Crew/ Unifi members are known for and some new explorative sounds that may get you going.

"This album has been split into two sides for your listening pleasure. Side A hits the classic heavy hip hop/rap sound VVG and Coppa are known for. Side B is the more melodic/smooth tunes. These songs should introduce fans to the new sound and style VVG is molding for his next solo album in 2019. Tracks 1-5 Side A - features from YoDot, Mammyth, and Blizz Production from Vincent Van Great, White Russian, and Charley Cooks. Tracks 6-10 Side B = Smooth Shit -Showcases All Vincent Van Great production with a feature from VVG's backing band Ninja Sauce"

With nostalgic visuals, a dope cover from Ryan Butts (who was a featured artist in CopyWrite Magazine issue 6), and the production that Van Great has been perfecting, this one is sure to pull some new fans in and keep the current fans engaged.

Okay, so we are a little bias. As Dana Coppafeel & Vincent Van Great have been on our radar since forever, we will not review the album but instead let you, the audience digest how fresh you think it is.

What we will say is that as society has moved away from the hot 16 and the melodic production, these kinds of projects make us smile and remember where we came from.

Take a listen & take a peek, and for sure if its fresh let us know what you think!


Jabee & Thelonious Martin - As it is in Heaven (EP re-release)

Not sure if we like the visuals but we like the #BARS.

Re-releasing their collaborative ep's "As it is in heaven", and slated to release  "Deliver Us from Evil" this late September, OKC's Jabee and Chicago native Thelonius Martin, have submitted the banter we may look forward to in the weeks to come.

Get you some Hip-Hop and enjoy the flow.

(Click iTunes link Here)




Your locals have been working. Joe Quinto wraps up the summer with his recently released project ‘CINEMASONIC’, a harmonious four-track EP, with features from Shle Berry, Jayne Joyce, and Genesis Renji.

Palatable rhymes, soft beats, and crisp deliveries. Joe Quinto has allowed us to consume the new wave of music quality coming out of the city.

Our favorite track:

X-Ray: For its song structure and vibey delivery. We Likeeeeee! (Lets add it to the CW Approved Playlist)

Some EP’s are just not a big enough sample, but this is a perfect blend to keep us on the lookout for more of Joe’s work. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Available on all Listening Platforms





(REAL) Thoughts on Hip-Hop Week MKE

(REAL) Thoughts on Hip-Hop Week MKE

As an active media outlet of the Milwaukee Hip-Hop and Creative scene, CopyWrite has been checking in on the progress of the event planning, contributors, and real local Hip-Hop community engagement since day one. With that being said, of course, we showed up to many of the scheduled events, sending out in-house staff, CW connects, “Shooters” and the other eyes that would prefer to stay anonymous (Check all your sources). 

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Jay BA$$ - No Sleep

“All I ever wanted…” was for our city to bask in its greatness, with reality as its foundation and creativity as its manifestation.

(Is that asking for too much?)

Jay BA$$ is setting up these same longings with his reflective track ‘No Sleep’. Self-produced, his jazz tempo with short quick passed lyrics is an inviting realistic image of 414 living and clear drifts of consciousness between wrong & right now.

“All I ever wanted was to take care of the fam gota grind till the morning” is what he really says & as we get ready for the fall where the hustle locks in around these ways, we say add ‘No Sleep’ to your playlist. Just like we will be adding it to our CopyWrite Approved list on SoundCloud.