(REAL) Thoughts on Hip-Hop Week MKE

(REAL) Thoughts on Hip-Hop Week MKE

As an active media outlet of the Milwaukee Hip-Hop and Creative scene, CopyWrite has been checking in on the progress of the event planning, contributors, and real local Hip-Hop community engagement since day one. With that being said, of course, we showed up to many of the scheduled events, sending out in-house staff, CW connects, “Shooters” and the other eyes that would prefer to stay anonymous (Check all your sources). 

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Jay BA$$ - No Sleep

“All I ever wanted…” was for our city to bask in its greatness, with reality as its foundation and creativity as its manifestation.

(Is that asking for too much?)

Jay BA$$ is setting up these same longings with his reflective track ‘No Sleep’. Self-produced, his jazz tempo with short quick passed lyrics is an inviting realistic image of 414 living and clear drifts of consciousness between wrong & right now.

“All I ever wanted was to take care of the fam gota grind till the morning” is what he really says & as we get ready for the fall where the hustle locks in around these ways, we say add ‘No Sleep’ to your playlist. Just like we will be adding it to our CopyWrite Approved list on SoundCloud.


King Cezar - 'Its Better This Way' (Album Submission)

We have been waiting for you!

Where the hipster, conscious rappers, and overly thuggish have been poppin up at the social tempo of what Milwaukee music sounds like, there are other niche that we don't get enough submissions of and though they are not all our “stilo”, they are much needed give the full picture of what OUR music consist of.

With his debut album “It's Better This Way”, released on Kingz Circle Music Group, King Cezar is delivering trap vibes with wavy MKE undertones that are a fair reflection of new era hip-hop without the unnecessary obnoxious jack’n beats that have boxed in our greatness by  f*ck boys that can’t rap & are even worst at trapping (Yes, we said it but you were thinking it). *shrugs*

Out of the 9 track projects are favorite songs have to be ‘Broke Life’ (Prod. By Canis Major) & ‘Sometimes’ (Prod. By Big Joe) for the references and strategically choppy flows (in this case that's a good thing).

Our one criticism would be that their are not enough beat structure variety. Give us some dramatics, it will keep us focused!

This is a solid music submission and we can't wait to see how the city responds. Let us know if your vibing with it by hitting the heart below.


First Class Records (Scottie P & Skyy Phreshh ) - LANG (Video Submission)

It just got icy, swaggy & super fly in this biz-nitch! Scottie P & Skyy Phreshh are back at it!

First Class Records has released new visuals for their track ‘LÁNG’, the first single from their upcoming Project ‘Going Digital’. The energy, the composition, and stack of cash (stuntin’ are we?) are all pointing to a more bossed up, more “refined”, First Class Records, and we like it!

Add a little jig to your day and watch this video.

Let us know if you are rocking with it in the comments below.


Hip-Hop Week MKE is Almost Here!

Hip-Hop Week MKE is right around the corner, and we want to make sure you have all the opportunities to get in on the action. Below you will find the official schedule of the events covering all the elements of Hip-Hop, including some unexpected attributes that are critical to making our community thrive. Make sure you tag us in on your social media fun for a chance to make it into our review of Hip-Hop Week.

Check out https://www.hiphopweekmke.com/ , for more details.


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Saint Miguel - SNAKE (Video Submission)

“I really want to highlight the highly underrated side of Milwaukee music. While the (insert MKE rapper name here)  and (insert another MKE rapper name here) have their place, I believe Milwaukee has so much more to offer. . . ” - Saint Miguel


This is shade my friends. . . But as we like to say when fugazi has its moment of relevancy, “ I’ll allow it.”

Why? Because that's why we have a blog at /CW, to challenge the norm and push multiple perspectives of Urban culture & talents.

But anyways, confident in his “more to offer” Saint Miguel has popped up with a video submission for his track ‘SNAKE’ of his recently released project 0730. Young, clever, with those purposefully underwhelming dramatics (that's definitely a thing in 2018, don't fight us on this), this visual is what Saint Miguel wants us to see as his first reach out to our audience.

Clap for’em!

Even if you did low-key downplay what is “representational” to poppin’ music coming out of Milwaukee, the shots fired got you noticed, so there is the #Win.

Word of advice, next time, leave the names out. The work will speak for its self.

Watch the video here, and let us know if you want to hear more from Saint Miguel.


Taiyamo Denku - Still Waiting (ft. Benny The Butcher)

What are we waiting for?

Definitely not consistency Lol.

Taiyamo Denku is back, AGAIN. With his track ‘Still Waiting’ featuring Benny The Butcher. Emcees have been at societies head since we can remember and this track is no exception. With a smooth piano sample and some shots fired at the lack thereof active progressive change, the track pushes the comfort limits of hesitation on the subject. With the classic Denku, original hip-hop sound, this track whether you like it or not is making some valid points, we all might need to address.

Drop your thoughts below, let's start the conversation.


Lili K - Best Friend

Lili K is back!

Out here killing the game this, MKE native (who last time we checked was living in Chicago),  has been stepping into industry territory for quite some time now, and we have been watching to see what she really has up her sleeve.

From her project  ‘Planet of Flowers’ slated to release this fall, she has dropped a new single titled ‘Best Friend’. A soulful acoustic construct of good vibes, times that are missed, and longing realities. Touching close to home, this song about friendship creates a moment to just pause and take in where we are in life and where we are headed.

Her scatting, her delivery and of course her voice quality is a dream, as always. We can't wait to hear more.

So check out ‘Best Friend’ and let us know what you think in the comments below.


Chloé - AirPlane Mode (Video Submission)

“I’m unforgiving” - Okay! Tell us how you really feel! Lol

Today’s submission is coming straight out of the Chi, from R&B artist Chloé.

The video ‘AirPlane Mode’ captures what happens when you leave your phone unattended around Bae.

Bloop! No good ever comes from that! Chloé, however, seems to be dealing with her heartbreak just fine, ignoring Derick as we speak!

So check out this video and make sure you don’t get put on 'AirPlane Mode'.

Leave a comment below.


Jayne Joyce - Jayne (EP)

Ohhh Jayne! We have been waiting for you!

A breath of fresh air coming straight out of the “Dynasty” (insider) from the House of Renji. Jayne Joyce has released her debut EP, self-titled ‘Jayne”. This four-song project reflects a voice we have yet conquered in the 414 with, strategic collaborations, a feature at Summerfest during Genesis Renji’s set and a smooth execution she will be heard. Her soulful push between jazzy melodies, R&B textures and a spoken word like lyricism, ‘Jayne’ is “introspective”.

Our favorite track: ‘Knives’ because baby girl is cutting those undertones!

Go ahead and give a listen and let us know what you think.

We will say it now. . .We definitely want more Jayne Joyce!

(Available on all streaming platforms)