SnapShot PressBite: The Function

CopyWrite was recently invited to “The Function”, a showcase by Rebel Nxtion, with headlining act Reggie Bonds hosting. As the music community in Milwaukee increases, so does the demand for showcase events. Reggie, in the hopes of building and branding on this, has set the tone for a Tuesday night outing of raw talent & varied styles of Hip-Hop. “The Function” brought in a different crowd than what we are used to seeing at most local events. This assorted crowd included clothing designers, videographers, trap rappers, conscious rappers, alternative artists, fashion bloggers, members of local entrepreneurial organizations and fans of all backgrounds...and we mean ALL.

“The Function” promised to be “Lit” with special appearances from a multitude of artist. Some of the feedback we received noted that the event was under promoted, and behind schedule, which left us craving more stage acts and less turn up. However, the night did featured local fashion brand High Rollers Club. This form of communal collaboration gives us hope that as one side of Urban Culture expands in the city, so will the other components. Rebel Nxtion’s expanding its showcase to feature another form of art and culture (fashion) is commendable.

Though the first event had its bumps, Reggie is not one to give up. Tonight, Tuesday 10/20/15, he will be hosting “The Function Reloaded”. This time we are to expect a more stacked list of appearances, including a few female MC’s on the bill, (something that was not included in the last). We hope it turns out to be a great night. If first you don't succeed, try try again...somebody has to.



Also we'll share some shots from CopyWrite's own Vato Vergara of the event.


Love & All Things Urban,