PressBite - Grey Genius

Walking into a warm welcoming spot that feels uncommon from the norm, "Higher Learning that's the team" is being yelled by multiple voices from on stage. Which makes me think, is Hip-Hop back in a pure form on this October night?

Honestly I can say their was only one light that shined from a far in this blue lit room. With such brilliant name, a full beautiful figure and a smile to match the humbleness, that shining light belongs to Grey Genius.

A female MC that also displays lovely vocals, from the city of Milwaukee. Who is also a Marquette graduate I must add. Although she shared the stage with her Higher Learning team, she stands out as Lauryn Hill did to the Fugees. That's right, Lauryn Hill, with all due of respect though. After presenting her brand new HD video to the believers (fans) that attended Lux Lounge on MLK Blvd, proof was in every spoon of the pudding. Her stage presence was un-de-ni-ab-le!!!!

If you’re a true life fan of Hip-Hop, she just may soon be in your digital tape deck. One thing that stood out most to me was how mature her sound is. Nowadays in an era when behavior isn't much of a factor, she's bound to leave a stamp of maturity on the game. I can definitely tell that she's influenced by the recent generations of music, which will lead her to being an original figure from her hometown. I'm not sure if the city will understand how necessary her maturity is needed, but I guess it's up to her and her Higher Learning team to justify that.

From the soul is where her talents are possessed, so from the soul we shall hunger for what's next to come. Till then listen to 'Love Is...' and let us know what you think.

- Kelvin DayNAge Cross