PressBite: Psychedelic Traphouse (Queen Tut's Release Party)

Psychedelic TrapHouse, this event added another level to what it is to love “Trap” music. Before entering the venue there was a handmade sign on the door that read, Queen Tut's Psychedelic TrapHouse release party. I definitely felt the "TrapHouse” vibe (though no trappers were actually around lol).  As I enter through the doors I was welcomed by two of Queens' close friends who held down the front end of the event. I was escorted in immediately like they had been awaiting my arrival, making me feel all special. Shout out to Queen! There were many familiar faces in the building and the lineup was amazing. Queen Tut’s release party shows her ability to bring out Milwaukee’s growing Urban Cultured community, which not all artist can do. She Shared the stage with other wonderful; Chakra Blu, Abby Jean, and Zed Zenko just to name a few. Not only did the showcase focus on her release but it also celebrated Queen Tut's birthday, and boy was she excited to share her cake that taste like Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Yum! Being entertained and fed at a release party is a win to me. It was awesome.

CopyWrite would love to know what is next to come from Queen Tut. We shall be watching. 

Listen to the EP here. Leave a comment & let us know what you think.