PressBite: Quinton Maurice of O2G (Sip & Shop)

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Quinton Maurice, Stylist & Designer, has been forming his mark on the industry. Recently (October 3rd, 2015) he unveiled a new venture, O2G’s Sip & Shop, with an event in his home town of MKE. The event ran from 4pm to 11pm but I arrived around 7pm. As I walked in to the O2G’s Sip & Shop, there were already announcements and acknowledgements being given. Quinton shared with the crowd of people about his journey thus far in the fashion industry. He also showed his front cover on J.Marie Magazine, another form of media here in Milwaukee, WI. The location of the event was held at the freshly opened local shoe store Trusted Kicks,  located on the fashion district of Water Street. As I continued to browse around I noticed some clothing that caught my eye, customized ripped t shirts and personalized graphic sweatshirts. Trust me when I say the items where one of a kind. For entertainment he gave out unlimited supply of Absolut Vodka, and a DJ on the 1s and 2s. Many people appeared to share the moment with O2G in Milwaukee. I walked up to get a photo with Quinton who was already surrounded by many others who wanted to talk and take pictures with the man of the night. This showed me the love his city has for him. Though he no longer lives here his presence is definitely noted. Quinton’s relevancy can be seen by his stylistic works with the multiple “celebrities” he has worked with such as Sammie, Will from Day 26, Mimi Faust, and Milwaukee’s own Jacob Latimore.

Quinton will definitely be coming back to his hometown and share more of his journey with his city, and of course we will be watching.