#WCW – Rachel Hughes

Milwaukee-based artist, Rachel Hughes first grabbed our attention with an almost complete series for the collective New Age Narcissism. The bold portraits infused the vibe of each artist and Rachel’s unique style onto a wood pallet that no one would want to take their eyes off.

Most of Rachel’s work combines wood, acrylic paint, ink and sharpie to create pieces focusing on the women figure and the culture that surrounds Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead).

And we love it.

But what does she do when she’s not creating masterpieces? Well a little birdy told CopyWrite she’s incredible at a multitude of different crafts, including creating some designs for your favorite Milwaukee night bars. Bad Genie, anyone?

Check out more of her work below and maybe even get a commissioned piece. We know we can’t wait for ours.

Photos via Facebook and ReHughesDesign.com.