Informal Formalities & Other Things You Have Been Asking About


I have yet to find comfort in formalities. They just seem...well way too formal.

So you won’t be receiving a greeting from me. No intro. No witty anecdotes. No nada! (Though this may be an intro distracting you from my anxiousness to get to the point in the first three words.)

Dudeeeeeee, I sure do miss writing these.

“Dirty, Dirty, Dirty, how is the Magazine?”

“Lexi, Lex, Lex, when’s the next release?”

“What have you guys been doing?”

“Where have you guys been?”

“What’s the word with CopyWrite?”

“I need an interview, I’m trying to get down with you!”  -----> PAUSE || , as I let the Dom Kennedy play in my head and I try to respond to the tormenting questions without seeming annoyed. 

I systematically reply:

‘We have been doing a lot of behind the scenes work, special press releases and some reformation of the brand. We are working If you need us, just let us know...’

With our supporters constant anticipation and our hesitation to release had my stomach churning, my heart aching and my mind going bonkers but I knew it was all temporary. Rome wasn’t built in a day and good hustle can’t just thrive over night.

So where had we been?

Running ourselves ragged trying to graduate from college, doing these massive projects that could make or break your whole life (survived that). Then the spazzing moments after graduation where you get smacked in the face with real world issues, real world bills and real world sacrifice (still trying to survive that). We had some soul searching to do. As things and people around us began to dissipate, lifestyles changed and priorities morphed, CopyWrite could not feed us alone and we were starving.

But here we are! Counting our blessings and etching out our own paths. We have set a NEW foundation based on everything we were meant to be, with absolutely no apologies for things we are not…  AND I MEAN NONE!

As always we will write blunt interviews. We will question idiotic behavior. We will laugh at our own misfortunes and use them as conversation starters. We will not confine our freedom of expression or limit ourselves to any societal boundaries. We are CopyWrite! You should know better!

So once again, I must mention how I’m not big on formalities. So you won’t be getting any closure here. No outro. No conclusion. No orthodox exit strategy. (Though this maybe the part where I rush you to go explore everything we have been waiting to share with you.)

Go ahead! Now be “ inquisitive” and ask “What’s the word on CopyWrite?”

My reply:

      Real Geechie Yo! Everything is copacetic. (Yes, I said copacetic!) 


*Stupid grin*

You’re welcome LOL,