SnapShot PressBite: Emmitt James Hunger Pains

Recently, CopyWrite was asked to sponsor a MKE stop on Emmitt James, Hunger Pains tour.


The now Cali based, Milwaukee native, House of Renji artist, shared the showcase with PC the Real, AR. Wesley, CamB, and Weekend Neely. With True Skool inc. on the 1's & 2's receiving 25% of the proceeds for their organization.

The stylistically quirky human that is Emmitt blessed the crowd with tracks from his EP, Hunger Pains, that reflect the true nature of grind and Le' Struggle. But be clear, his execution on the topic is unorthodox and simply refreshing. Expressing thoughts that most of us have wanted to say but didn't have the right words to formulate it.

Songs like ATM Fees, where he bluntly ask "Why I gotta pay to take my own money out?", will make you yeen out loud as if he was giving a testimony in church. PREEEEACH!

Ramen Noodles & Red Wine feat. Genesis Renji, speaks on the hardships of being an adult & trying to make a way. The uncertainty of stability but grasping at dreams reflects  on Emmitt's own journey  for greatness with his move to L.A. to be a fashion intern & supposedly a barista as well. Making Ramen as a cheap substitute for pasta, fitting a red wine thirst.

As always, Emmitt's relations or situationships with reality or fictional being that is counter part, are questioned from his own conscious. His perspective of "love loss" or "change gains", play through his thoughts in LeftOver Burnt Rice.

As he even performed the tracks with a live band, his jazzy beats and humble subject matter evoked intimacy between him and the crowd. He also released a special aura of comfort, goof and artistry we like to think only a Mil-towner can produce.

Check out Emmitt James Hunger Pains EP and let us know what you think.


Love & All things Urban, CopyWrite