Respect the Shooters: Cody LaPlant & Damien Klaven

In a world where we tend to focus on the artist on the stage, CopyWrite has always appreciated the men (and women) behind the scenes. 

Which is why we will happily welcome to our spotlight, videographers Cody LaPlant and Damien Klaven. 

Photo Cred: Weston Rich // via

Photo Cred: Weston Rich // via

This powerful duo is a force to be reckoned with by themselves but get them together and watch out for the flames. There visuals bring together a whole new outlook onto the story-telling effects that can be seen in video. Taking modern twists on historical landmarks and creating a whole new voice to something that might have felt lifeless before. 

With collaborative videos for a list of local creatives such as WebsterX, Ish Darr, New Age Narcissism, Kiings, Antics, Job Jetson, Reggie Bonds and Milwaukee's own Among The Prime fashion collections; we understand the hype to get these videographers on your team. 

Check out there 2015 demo reels below and be on the lookout for what 2016 may bring.