AR Wesley - The Self Portrait PT 2

AR Wesley is an artist that continues to elevate and adapt his sound all while bringing home his life stories over a dope beat. 

To reflect back on Part One a little, AR pulled out components and perspectives to display who he is and what he symbolizes. In Part Two, he continued this journey. Giving us, what he says, "an in-depth look at [his] personal views pertaining to love, life, and circumstances."

Those circumstances led to several references, music samples and some dope featured artists. (Can you can peep the Craig Mack & Pharcyde reference?) 

Featured singers, Kyndal J., B~Free, Lex Allen and Cree Myles gave each song a new spin as we heard a new story be unraveled. And when you have amazing producers such as Mike Regal, B~Free (shout-out to the lady producers) and Ekstoluke in your corner; your project is indefinitely FIRE. 

But don't take our word for it. Listen to Pt. 2 and a little birdie might have told us Pt. 3 is in the works so let AR know how you feel in the comments. 

And if you haven't seen the video for "Here iGo" featuring Von Alexander, peep it below.