VoodooHoney Presents Nightmare on Center St EP

Hallo-weekend is among us.

And here at CopyWrite, we're celebrating by supporting our local artists at the second annual Nightmare on Center Street event this Saturday Oct 29. 

The event will be held at multiple venues along the Eastside of Center street. Hosting some of the city’s bands and artists such as Klassik, Bo Triplex and his Beautiful Band, Kyndal J, Chakara Blu and Lorddee Fredd33. To get more anticipation for the shows to come, VoodooHoney released an electric mix of some of the artists performing. Though we don't know much about who/what VoodooHoney is. The mix is pretty dope; giving new energy to some of the songs.

Check out the mix below and let us know who you want to see perform for next year's event in the comments. 

As we anticipate the shows to come (and the killer costumes) learn more about attending the event here or get your tickets for both individual shows or a $15 wristband for all the shows at local venues: Company Brewing, HIGH DIVE MKE, The Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts and Club Timbuktu Milwaukee.

You won't want to miss this... #RespectTheRiverWestVoodoo