Vato's Run Down On MKE Fashion Week 2016

Milwaukee Fashion Week was definitely a memorable experience. The three days consisted of lots of style, designs, and beautiful people. Right in the mix of things, CopyWrite (CW) was in the building every night (styling, of course). As media, we even got to check out the scene before all the attendees arrived. As the crowd filled in on the first day, I began to observe what Milwaukee Fashion Week was really all about. With CW’s Editor-in-Chief, Art Director, and Photographer with me, we set out to find dope designers, fashionistas, and runway killers.

Let me give you a rundown of this 3-day event:

Day 1:

CopyWrite's attire for the night consisted of an Oriental theme; Chinese robes, chop sticks in hair, and accessories that matched to set it all off. We came in to notice that MFW made a mistake about the WHOLE TEAM (#SQUAD) coming to cover the event. But you know CopyWrite, we all still got in. We set up shop and started introducing ourselves to the many people we encountered. We even got to meet the individuals behind the scenes of the event; Deb, Abe, and Kryg. As well as Miss Wisconsin, who ripped the runway as a model for a few designers. During the intermission; CW got to highlight some styles from fashionable people, fun supporters, great designers, and even some of our followers. (See our Instagram this week). Our two design favorites for the night were B.A.Q, and Em Ris.


I'm guessing since it was the first day; not many fashionable people came. We felt a little over dressed. We went overboard coming in styled themes, but that’s just how CopyWrite likes to express ourselves (We do us!). However, the fashion in the show was awesome. It built anticipation for the days to follow.

Day 2:

Our presence at MFW was definitely notice the night before. We got in with no problem; "You guys are good," so we strutted on in. This day CW dressed in our own personal styles; to express our individuality but still reflecting our unity. I wore layers, with color coordination. Carsyn came with the classy but edgy side to her style. Lexi displayed her cultural eloquence look, and Madhi took on a clean punk rock hipster style.

Everyone must have talked up Fashion Week Day 1, because everyone got the memo now. There were so many faces in the building. So many fashionable people; I was thrilled to capture photos of the people in style. Black and white color schemes seemed popular. Men were styled in various jacket cuts; denims, blazers, and leather. Many of them even had on this seasons trending colors on. Great job to us men for putting a little time and effort in #WeSeeYou. I loved the look of women in the short and fitted dresses, long stylish skirts, and accessories that compliment outfits. People were definitely trying to make statements this time around.

Day 3:

The last day of Fashion Week, everything seemed to be moving fast; the people, the conversations, and the event itself. This was fun for us. My good associate, Christine Yang was one of the designers in the showcase with her line as Christine James. She without a doubt caught my fashion eye with her amazing choices in detail, style, and great music for her models to stump to. My favorite piece was the over the shoulder fur scarf. I can still see myself rocking it now.

This night, was a fashion must for attendees. Photos are a must see. But did you see the ladies of CopyWrite though???? Good Gawd. Everyone was dressed to impress; tailored suits, glamorous dresses, and all purpose outfits, rockin’ furs and prints. That’s what we all had been waiting for.

Fashion Week in Milwaukee was interesting to see. Maybe even kindled a few new features for the fashion spread in our next issue....stay tuned.

Overall, it had a good turn out. I've been in places around the city on a everyday basis with more fashion, and glamour then a fashion show, but this was all about the talented designers, and the great cause; supporting Pathfinders. I just hope the city sees the potential, and we strive for more in the fashion realm of the 414.

- Vato

See the photos of the event here.