Momentous ENT - The Momentous Compilation [TMC]

This project is for music lovers. 

"The Momentous Compilation" (TMC) is brought to you by Momentous ENT. If you're not familiar with the name, Momentous is a Denver-based music corporation with two different units within. And when they're not helping artists record and perfect there craft, they also do some graphic design work too.

But back to the music... TMC is truly a compilation project. The range of sound goes from Indie Rock to Experimental Hip Hop to Jazz to Soul and much more. From the producers to the artists on the project, each track is perfectly suited for the tone of the song and gives a wide variety of what this Momentous and its featured artists can do. 

While some of the music was recorded and produced in Denver, Milwaukee is highly represented on TMC. (#WeSeeYou) Take a listen to one of our favorites part in Goth Shock's "Really Illi Milli" (2:20 to be exact) where this breakdown speaks on the "perks & benefits" of Milwaukee. Any Milwaukee Native will appreciate it.

Take a listen below and let us know what you think of this MOMENT.