MKE Street Style Interview with Rosha Brister

Read Vato's interview with stylish boss lady, Rosha Brister.

Prior to the interview; Rosha and I met at a festival, where we were able to share our passions about fashion. Rosha Brister is the owner and founder of The Style Hub, an online style directory where you will be able to locate local stylists from a variety of search options. Basically Rosha is dope and can connect with the people that you need for all things fashion and style related. In addition, this led up to Rosha asking me to host an event called, 'The Battle of Salons' Fashion Show.

We met at a coffee shop for the interview to talk her "street style."

What is your style?

Rosha likes to consider her style like the modern day 70s era. She is very fascinated with high wasted denim, crops tops, deep cut v-neck shirts, turtle necks, hats, and fur scarfs. Keeping it in a time she feels most appreciated in.

Who or what influences your style?

Rosha feels as if inspiration comes from other clothing pieces. Wondering how she could duplicate something and add her own twist to it. She says social media is one of her hugest outlets when it comes to looking at pieces to influence her style.

How does your closet look?

Rosha considers herself to be very organized and a bit of a neat freak. She has all her denim in one spot, but everything else is color coordinated, hanging up and or folded. One thing I found interesting is how she switches her closet as the seasons change.

Favorite places to shop?

Urban outfitters, American Apparel, and H&M


Follow Rosha's Style Hub on Instagram and Facebook @_thestylehub to get more updates on local fashion and style events or for your next fashion show.

- Vato