AWillThaGreat - Temporary ft. King Roya'l (Prod. Millz Douglas)

Nowadays, (well in most relationships) there's no real hard definitions set for the "standard" of dating. We could go on about the crazy and complicated world that is modern dating but we're not. At the very least, most relationships are difficult. Often leaving someone in the relationship confused and most likely wondering what happened on the other side to change what this "thing" was. 

In AWillThaGreat's track "Temporary", he covers the "topic of a man and his inconsistent escapades with women over time, with nothing being too steady for too long." You can feel it. A switch of his normal flow and featuring King Roya'l on the hook; he resonates a melodic sound with some internal thoughts brought to the light. 

Listen to the track below and tell who you need to tell how you really feel before it's too late. You'll thank CW and AWill that you did.