Lex Allen - Mamas Boy

Mamas Boy.

It's not a necessarily a "good" term and it has different connotations depending on who is saying it but all in all it means the same thing; you are your mother's son.

In Lex Allen's "Mamas Boy" he sings out some of his sorrow in a heartfelt track over a heavily piano driven beat but if you listen closely you'll hear his gasps of air (shout-out to the producer). The song feels like a lullaby that is Lex's reality. Released almost a year after the passing of his mom, Lex's tribute would have made her proud. He maybe a "Mamas Boy" but that's not stopping him any. And while her spirit is still with him today, Allen is singing towards the heavens and healing through his passion and we love it.

So call your mamas, grandmamas and babymamas; remind them that they are loved and you will always be there for them, as they will you.

Listen to the track below and rest peacefully to our #WCW Lex's Mama. We wish we could have met the person that made Lex. We love your Baby Boy too. ❤️