TEZJay - Ugly Duckling feat. YL64 & Will theGlide prod. Lytton Scott

We all know the story; a young duckling who doesn't appear to fit in with or look like the rest of the group becomes the baddest of them all.

It's a great metaphor for the music industry and sticking to the lane you think is right, not what others seem to want.

And while transformation for the better is often the goal of all artists, these rappers brought the bad and the 'ugly' to "Ugly Duckling" killing the track. Over an harmonic beat that flips, the artists TEZJay of Blaq Anjilz, YL64 and Will theGlide come together to perfectly blend there unique sounds on a Lytton Scott produced beat and a Mammyth mixed and mastered track. (We can hear the difference. LOL)

Peep the track below.