The Wisconsin Black Historical Society Rings In Kwanzaa

With Christmas winding down Kwanzaa is going up! The weeklong celebration honors African heritage, unity, and culture through food, community, gifts and the seven principles Nguzu Saba (seven principles of African heritage).

This week the Wisconsin Black Historical Society will be holding festivities Monday and Friday in honor of the Kwanzaa holiday. I got the pleasure of attending the umoja-unity, opening ceremonies this past Monday. During such a turbulent time in Black America and our city itself, it was inspiring and refreshing to see so many beautiful black and brown faces in one room gathering to celebrate African-American heritage.

Black vendors from every corner of the city filled my eyes with colorful dashikis, fabrics, jewelry and some of Africa's most treasured imports (like shea butter, my favorite). My nose was greeted with the aroma of a buffet that stretched from wall to wall and my ears were surrounded with the sound of African drums; the crowd cheering on young the dancers. On top of the entertainment we also engaged in important discussion surrounding the black community and solutions to improving the issues faced. Overall, it was a 10/10 experience, I promise you will leave feeling energized, lifted and liberated.

So I know you're thinking "aye, this sounds dope how can I get involved?" Luckily Monday was not the last Kwanzaa event, you still have your chance to attend today, Friday the 30th at 6pm! Located at The Wisconsin Black Historical Society on 26th and Center Street.

Milwaukee, despite its issues, has a rich African-American heritage; many are unaware of the very gems that are hidden in their backyard. To stay connected like the WBHS on facebook or visit the website at