Moses - Not Quite Vegas

We told you he would be back but we couldn't anticipate something this dope. With electronic music that just makes you want to vibe out and get to work; Moses, from Higher Education Records (HER) finally reveals his debut album, 'Not Quite Vegas.'

All mixed and mastered by himself, the local Milwaukee DJ and producer brings together a story of the past five years of his life as he composes his way through love, lost, success and failure. But in every song you can hear the passion as he releases a new emotion and (for lack of better words) a dope beat throughout the whole album.

Because Vegas is not quite home yet; we can't wait till it is. Listen to the album below and let us know what you think of Moses' debut album.  

And crazy huge shout-out to his amazing HER crew that you can hear featured and intertwined into the album. Artwork by Kelsey Lawson.