#WeSeeYou - Patski

A few weeks ago I was randomly at an event with my guy (somewhere I had no business being might I add, but yet and still I was there). This dude was passing out burnt CD’s, with Sharpie writing on them, but in a CD slip with the tracklist and cover art (idk how I felt about that, but I guess that's not the point). He handed one to both of us and said “Look bro, if you don't like what you hear by the first three songs throw it out the window.” That to me raised a red flag plus the harshly design cover art (#designerissues), I was definitely not going to waste my time. He of course had no idea who I was or what I do, I doubt anyone in that room did, hence a place i had no “business” being, but you never know where CopyWrite might show up. I took the CD and planned to dispose of it later but never did. It sat in the pocket of my passenger side door, till the other day I was driving back from Chicago and it just kept haunting my peripheral view. I reach for it and thought “Let me listen to it before I chuck it out the window.”

And guess what... it wasn't bad. For what it was, there was something there. I'm not sure what that something is, but I continued to listen pass the the 3rd song and let it play for a 2nd time. And within that evening I played it another 2 times trying to analyze what I was hearing. Enough that I think it's important to acknowledge. He took a risk handing out those CD’s. And I took a risk to listen. Maybe if we all take a few more risk we may find some pathways we have not yet explored. So check out Patski’s “DatRoof” demo and leave a comment and let us know what you think. We really want to know what's your perspective on this one.

And #WeSeeYou Patski, thanks for the CD!

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