Music Review: Intermission Music by Vato

It reminds me of the days when Pops used to come scoop me in the white Lincoln. Driving down Capital with the music up high but the beats were so smooth in the those days, it never seemed to disturb a soul. At stop lights cars would pull up and the driver would just nod their heads, like “I see you”...yeah reminds me of the good times, that were just the in between times, the ones we forget to notice. The intermissions.

Intermission Music by Vato, brought back that random nostalgia. The nine track project, with its recognizable lyric samples, lucid beats and raw layered production, is perfect for those moments where you just need a little escape within the confines of reality.

The first track “Boxed (BTS)” leads you into the concept of opening up. As the list of songs play through, you can hear a trend of mental stimulation, elevation and observation. “Stress Free Zone” gives the listener a reminder to be a little more joyous in the struggle. Followed by “D.O.O.B.I.E.S.” & “Marry, Marry, Marry”, smoke themed tracks, that are catchy and perfect for a chiefing session. Vato's manish behavior, comes out in a “young” sultry rendition of R.Kelly’s “Your Body’s Callin”, titled “Callin”.

Intermission Music is the kind of project whose references you won’t understand unless you been vibing with the game since young blood, but still it may help some new age music lovers divulge some “thrifty” techniques, something that makes Vato fit into his own niche on the local scene.

We see a growth in Vato’s confidence and look forward to hearing Intermission Music, between all those major moments that need a dose of good vibes.

#WeSeeYou Vato

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