Cree Myles - Crave Me

Sometimes as an artist, you will make songs that will pour your heart right on your sleeve for everyone to hear. If told in a compelling way, your audience can hear your story, understand it and then they can put themselves in the same place as the artist.

This is when we insert Cree Myles video for “Crave Me” which accomplishes this and more.

Her heartfelt song, mixed and recorded by Lon Renzell of THEMpeople, showcases her range of vocal skills along with her undeniable trait to get the audience captivated in what she’s doing and the story she has to tell. The song is pure, vulnerable and a story that we think anyone can relate to. Who can’t relate to wanting someone or even something that doesn’t want you back?

Shot by Tristan and Trayton White, we believe the new song and video is just the start of what Cree has waiting for her audience. Watch the video below.