Lorde Fredd33 - SOS


Stop what you're doing and watch the newest video from NAN (New Age Narcissism) member Lord Fredd33. The video for "SOS" tells the story of forbidden love, honor and betrayal all in a beautifully filmed "documentary". 

As the first single off of Lorde Fredd33's album "Dead Man's View" (which released in April), the track brings together a collective of sounds and vibes with Fredd33's unique and metaphorical language. And as the title suggests, the content touches on various issues surrounding violence and the complexities of human relationships in a literal way but also in a theatrical way.

Not only was it produced by Q the Sun; Q also was the mastermind who wrote and directed the video while CODE BLUE (better known as Cody LaPlant and Damien Blue) were behind the scenes to shoot and edit the video. 

(SIDE NOTE: We really think this duo needs a name when they work together. CODE BLUE is our take on the potential name. You heard it hear first.)

Inspired by Takashi Miike's "13 Assassins," watch the video below and if you want more from Lord Fredd33 and Q the Sun; listen to "Dead Man's Views" here