#Pause #WeSeeYou Ruezophrenia By: Rue The Poet

Sometimes you just have to hit #Pause. Digest what the H-E-L-L you really just heard, run it all the way back and then #Pause again, because it's really just that dope.

It happens, not too frequently but it happens.

"Ruezophrenia" by Rue The Poet, is a song that exemplifies that moment and is the inspiration for CopyWrite’s new hashtag series:


It's one of the best executed, “Stay in your lane, and off of my thrown” tracks I have ever heard. “Ruezophrenia" has flawless wordplay, tedious jabs of well deserved ego, and flow….lots and lots of flow. If you haven't heard this one yet you are sure in for a treat. Be ready to hit #Pause, and run it back.

#WeSeeYou Rue!

Listen here, & comment to let us know what you think.