We saw it coming, Mike Regal "Premonitiions"

The “Premonitiions” of dope music, with deep awakenings all summer ‘16, has been embedded into our psyches for some time now. The prophetic, and intuitional contribution by Mike Regal, dropped earlier this week, is no exception.

We remember some months back, when CopyWrite interviewed Regal at his studio, how excited he was too be working on his own platform of self expression, behind the beat and on the mic. He joked around about how his “That so Raven”, thematic structure would call into question the realities, the possibilities and the execution of the city, culture, revelations and Regal’s own placement within the mix.

“Premonitiions” is a cleverly wound compilation of songs that peck at the pecking order. As head bobbing, and DAB provoking his beats may be, the swift movements between layered vocals and tempos are a bit hypnotic. Pulling at that 3rd eye(on the low) #WeSeeYou. Of course his production is clean, his samples are decorous in provocative pallets and the risk are very visible.

But what’s the point of going in if you're afraid to take a few shots.

Loves at first listen: “Business Man” (Prod. By Deb.On.Air) It's so vibey. The word delivery is so 90’s crisp and the corny phone call component shows some “cocky-humanity”. YUP! I made up a term.

Check out those features. The track list, hmmm see there is a method behind the madness, even with other producers. The collabo is heavy.

Is there something in the air?

Is it just me or is the laboratory theme showing its face more and more amongst MKE producers who are also lyricist? I'm just saying...this week...ok ok ok, I’ma let it go.

But the track, “Regal’s Laboratory” (Prod. By Lex Luther & Mike Regal), is the admission that Mike has finally found the perfect elixir and he does not plan on sharing it. So you might be getting a Regal beat, but he is not giving up the juice. Selfish? Nahhh survival.

Just peep game, or as Regal says it “Keep your eyes open.”

We are happy to see the “Premonitions” come to life and see great things forming in the near future.

Take a listen, leave a comment and let us know what you think Regal’s next move might be.



-Dirty Out!