MKE Street Style with Rakim Wil

Rakim agrees to meet in front of my home on the porch. As I sit, awaiting his arrival, I hear wheels rubbing the concrete pavement. I look toward the sound and Rakim comes boarding down the block in full speed. He hops off his skateboard as if it wasn’t nothing. The homie was fly, he just skated with $800 kicks on (Yeezy’s); we sit and start the interview.

My 1st question for him was ‘How are you?’ he replies with a familiar phrase by saying "Sensational."

What is your style?

Rakim Wil considers himself to be the street prince. Pink Silk, Polyester, and Shiny Material are what you can catch him wearing. Very different from the usual

Who or what influence your style?

Prince, Theophilus London, Ken Rebel, Luka Sabbat and Ian Connor are influences; when it comes to his personal style.

Whats something you would wear all the time?

Rakim said he will wear his Yeezy’s everywhere. They’re $800 kicks, so why not rock them every chance you get. But he also says he doesn’t have to think about what he has to wear, its already envisioned; it’s a process that is already instilled in the fashion membrane.

Name places you shop to find your style of clothing?

Joann’s Resale, Value Village, H&M at Bayshore and GetBlatzed Vintage.

Rakim wants everybody to know he is a VISIONARY. And ready to share his passion with fashion.

After the interview Rakim wanted to acknowledge some of the individuals in the city he likes to believe has the juice in the fashion industry.

Here’s his top 10:


• Rakim Wil

• Debonair

• Vato Vergara

• Lamontrés

• Carson Kellogg

• Kane The Rapper

• EyeSeeYou (Lorde Fredde & FreeDOM)

• Chris G

• Cool Tay