#WeSeeYou CAMB – "Ain't I Social?"

“One line from homeless. One hook from Mansions.“

No matter what path you have; we’ve all felt this way at one point of our lives. The crossroad between the struggle and “making it” is REAL.

CAMB (pronounced Cam) brings us his highly anticipated project “Ain’t I Social?” that speaks to the real in CAMB’s life from the things he knows to the things he dreams. Filled with a diverse range of production styles, some dope features and a lot of inspirational and melodic vibes, the album is definitely a product of love.

Listen to “Ain’t I Social?’ below on Soundcloud but you can also listen to the project from anywhere you listen to your music (TIDAL, Apple Music, Spotify…).

#WeSeeYou CAMB

And if you didn't know, tell CAMB congrats on his baby girl.