Street Style Interview with Meraki

Read out fashion editors interview with stylish and sultry artist, Meraki.

What is your style?

"I'd say my style varies. For the most part it kind of displays the person I am. Very carefree and simplistic. I enjoy wearing colors that compliment my skin tone. Since I am a brown skin girl my favorite colors are all tones of nude colors, grey, olive, and dark Browns. I like for my nails to be nude colors as well. I enjoy dark lipsticks (preferably burgundy), high waist denim, vinyl material type clothing, distressed stitching, cropped tops, etc.I think style is just a way to make yourself feel good inside and out, admire yourself, and to express emotion and creativity. It's apart of who you are."

Who or what influences your wardrobe?

"I'd say women like Vashtie influences my tom boy style. Sometimes I like to wear baggy apparel, boxer briefs, cropped tops and more. She also influences my interest in street wear. Karrueche and Rihanna influence my more girly side. They've put me onto a lot of sites for clothes. Their style is very dope and I've found myself merely mimicking them from time to time in HS."

How does your closet look?

"My closet is full of stuff I'm ready to get rid of lol. I go through phases sometimes and get an urge to switch everything up. I have lots of street wear things, selection of heels and tennis shoes, and random stuff lol."

Favorite places to shop?

"My favorite places to shop are of course American Apparel, Matte Brand and NastyGal."

What is your favorite clothing item, why?

"I'd say my favorite clothing item would have to be my supreme hockey jersey or my grey suede jump site. My hockey jersey bc it displays my Tom boy side and it's just dope as hell. Very rare. My suede jumpsuit because jumpsuits compliment the figure of a woman and suede is one of my favorite fabrics."

And if you want to hear Meraki do her thing, listen to her song, "HurtALitte" featuring the homie Von Alexander below.

- Vato