Vicious Van Flow "It's A Vicious World"

We have been letting this one simmer...have you heard it yet?

Jumping on the scene with a project worth giving a few spins is Vicious Van Flow. His release "It's A Vicious World" is the cultivation of realistic thought, perspective and natural ability; a difference. 

He delivers relatable content with the enticing topics of love, sex, money, and hustle, but applies it realistically, without the "stunting". (Frankly we are sick of fictitious Bad-Bad's and Ferrari's). His features are complimenting to each song choice and the production is clean.

It was pleasant surprise coming from a local new comer. (There are some MKE music Vets that still can’t produce a solid 4 songs on 1 project. Vicious Good start lol). 

His track "Trials" definitely shows his vulnerability and openness as an artist (plus male) and has become a CopyWrite favorite. 

Give Vicious a chance; you might just like his bite.