J-LAMO has been working hard on his craft. He has been cultivating those "back to the basics" elements that most emcee's lately have skipped over in a quest for a fast come up, and high profile failure.

With his pen to the pad, he has been jotting down his thoughts like the old school rhymers. No BlackBerry with the side scroll. No Siri poppin' voice notes. No memo pad apps. Just the note books filled to the brim like the Holy Grail. 

With "The Mission" set a few months back, J-LAMO premiers here on Copywritemag.com, his new EP, "Writers Block". 

Finding his voice, he has created a dialogue that depicts the force that drives the pen to leak those #BARS, which sometimes we just have to force out.  Plotting on his maneuvers and identifying his human traits, J-LAMO pulls us into his 6 track demo depicting his world, the social duality, and the other side of the block.

He writes:

"Imagine this. A world segregated by two different sides.

One side, bright as day. A happy culture that inspires you. A place you can always visit and say hi to strangers because everyone is so happy.

On the other side. Not so sunny. You grow up with depression on this side because everyone hates each other. There's no love on this side, because it's impossible to envision growth.

.... But Fuck all that we on The Mission to build the Culture!"


As you set out on your own Mission, you might need to rack up on your theme music, so here it goes...Welcome to the BLOCK!