MKE Street Style with Ashleigh

MKE street style with Ashleigh // FB: Ash Ashleigh Early

Ashleigh is a good friend of mine. We go way back to our high school days. We always had common interest but as we got older; style became a priority. When I linked back up with Ashleigh she definitely has something to say in the way she dressed. Ashleigh and I met for our interview at a park in the Eastside area. As she arrive; she comes walking gracefully through the bushes with this long light denim color trench flowing like a sweet sweet aroma. 

Leaves were everywhere and the sheek look she had complimented very well. Under the trench she wore a wool grey cardigan and a long sheek floral dress with a beautiful maroon fedora. The colors was setting for the season. 

Ashleigh's is all about thrifting at the inexpensive and expensive thrift stores, we both caught each other one time shopping in the same thrift store. When shopping she loves searching for heavy and thick materials. Overall materials is important; the feel of it, the texture, the color, basically making sure it's the right one. 

There's a few people that inspire Ashleigh but most importantly women who can walk in there own identity and help her find what it looks like to dress with confidence. Solange is a great example of Ashleigh inspiration in her style. 

She enjoys gaining inspiration from other cultures to liven up her style once in a while. Being herself, loving herself, and being comfortable in her own skin creates a personal style all her own. 


Photographer: Tiandra Coleman, co-owner of Lotus Lion Productions