#DirtyShoutOuts - January Edition: "Tribe Uncovered"

“Before this, did you really know what live was?

Comprehend to the track, for it's why cuz,

Gettin measures on the tip of the vibers.” ( “Can I kick it?”- Tribe Called Quest)

If you are using your eyes, feeding your brain, and vibing with your soul, you have already come to the realization that 2017 will be epic, in more ways than one. Politics are Boiling, society is becoming Bolder, and the culture is BOOMING!

Note: It’s only January.

With that being said, Milwaukee’s music scene has even set the precedent for the Epic executions, and grandeur of performance for 2017, in the greatest musical collaboration I have seen thus far. (And we all know I have seen my fair share of local acts).

“Tribe Uncovered”, A reinterpretations of A Tribe Called Quest, curated by Klassik and produced by David Ravel, on January 20th at Turner Hall, was “THAT” performance, and if you missed it...well you just have to chuck it up as an L.

Klassik // Photo by  Pabst / Riverside / Turner Hall

Before you get all side-eyed, this is not a review. CopyWrite attended this event as true fans of the culture, indulging in the creativity, the killer rhymes, and the unity that “kicked it”, across the stage. We actually were standing right in front of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s, Piet Levy, as he jot down his notes to speak on his perspective of the event. (I’m sure he was oblivious to our presence, but yet and still it was nice to see him there).

“Before this, did you really know what live was?”

Clearly not! Why was everyone, and I mean everyone, so LIT?

Every EmCee, Every musician, Every singer...Every DJ...killing it….collectively and separately... Harmony and melody...Punch lines and wordplay...Sound quality and energy...it was fire, drenched in hot sauce sizzling on the grill...

And now I want more!

How clever to take a very respected and iconic “hip-hop” group (Tribe), composed of EmCee’s, Producers and DJ’s, and reinterpret their artistry in way that is relevant to our times, our lives, and our city, performed by those same elements of creatives, but pulling out jazzy elements that gave a very rich quality, to the thematic, classics… like Bonita Applebum.

And most importantly...the crowd loved it. There were so many different faces in the mix: young, old, colored, non-melanated, you name it. It was refreshing.

I salute my peers, Klassik, AR, Blizz, James, Chris, Kyndal J, (other) James, Deb.On.Air, B-Free, Regal, Jordan...and all those I did not name because, A.) I have short term memory loss or B.) You won't read this anyways.

Photo by Karvell Jones

Photo by Karvell Jones

You all have shown that together, amazing things can be created and that talent dwells heavy in the 414.

Now like I said before, the precedent has been set. 2017 standards are sky high. History (in this case musical history) is key.

Be inspired and don’t settle for the norm. Ya locals have spoken!

Love & All Things Urban,


Editor-IN-Chief of CopyWrite Magazine

Photo by  Ben Wick

Photo by Ben Wick