Industrial Revolution // Spring Fashion Inspiration

We know it's winter but we've been daydreaming about spring and with that, Spring Fashion.

That's why we're in love with Fashionable Demand's conceptual shoot, Industrial Revolution. We love the contrast between the pinks and softness of the florals with the urban environment in the background. And yes, once again florals are a must-have this Spring season.

Fashionable Demand, if you're unfamiliar, "is a fashion collective founded in 2012 by Michael Holt, Brittany Johnson and Michelle Gill. Our core value is creating aesthetically satisfying images per wardrobe styling, creative consulting and direction through various media forms. Since our inception our talents have been showcased on three feature films, most recently in the independent comedy feature, "Civilian Life", on web-series, "Mad Black Men" and several conceptual photo shoots featured on AfroPunk. As well as numerous music videos and short films."

And while the ladies of Fashionable Demand kill visuals, they're talents "have expanded into blogging and contributing writer for national fashion publication, Kontrol Magazine."

Fashionable Demand would also like to "give a huge shout-out to all of the creatives [they] have worked with in the past. Additionally, to all of the talented women that gave their gifts to this shoot; Photographer: Darianne Edwards, Model: Adela Raicu and HMUA: Glinda Dotson." 

We see you ladies.

"In our current times there are influences and ideals surrounding us that leave us cold and industrially sterile. Yet, in the midst of it all there can still be found some softness,solace and hope."

Check out there shoot below and if you want more, visit to read more.

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All photos owned and provided by Fashionable Demand.