"I SAID WHAT I SAID" w/ Garahbrie: Marshall Twins (MT)

The Marshall Twins “MT” (@thereal_mt on Instagram) drop their new project This For The City and so we slid through a meet and greet Saturday to see what was up.

Pulling up to a completely crowded parking lot at Godfather Electronics, squeezing between two cars and hoping for the best, was definitely a thing. We get inside to a crowd of people waiting to get their copies and a photo with the twins, which eventually led to tears from one of their fans..... Yes, it was completely adorable.

We pulled the twins aside to see what all the fuss & buzz we keep getting word of is all about:

CW: Where did the Marshall Twins nickname come from?

Donno: We went to school at Marshall on 64th and Hope, we played basketball there for four years and then we graduated and we stuck with the name, everyone was calling us Marshall Twins from basketball

Dexxx: ---Shortened it up to MT

CW: This For The City, what does that mean to you?

Dexxx: Everything is for the city. It's a lot of bad stuff happening in our city, we just wanna bring light to it and bring out everything. We want to bring out all the problems that are actually happening in the city and talk about it.

Donno: Right, we’re not just doing this for us, like, we wanna do this because, its a lot of good artists, and good engineers, tattoo artists, anything, we wanna put out for the city to bring that attention, to bring everybody out so we think we can do this, with this (T4TC), and everything else we’re doing right now.

CW: Where do you see yourselves say a year from now?

Both in unison: Hopefully somewhere on tour!

(They’re hoping to hit spots like Georgia, New York, Nevada, California and North Carolina.)

CW: Do you have anything you want to say? What do you want people to know about the Marshall Twins?

Both: We’re coming, we’re here to stay and we plan on changing the world, we want to be icons.

Be sure to pick up a copy of This For The City today.  They plan on taking a slightly different approach by waiting to put it online until early December. (When you get it, tell them CopyWrite sent you!)

Then, of course, no interview is complete without a photo opp, so we went out into the cold and took photos because, why not?


/The Intern

All visuals for this interview were shot by Michelle McAdams (@lotusvalentinevisuals on Instagram)