Introducing Dirty Thoughts - October Chill

At the end of every month our Editor-in-Chief, Lexi a.k.a. Dirty, will be taking some time to reach beyond her normal duties and just write out some thoughts in the hope of inspiring us to think deeper, be a little more vulnerable, and create a dialogue that is a little more complex. Off the dome...The way CopyWrite reached conception...Introducing Dirty Thoughts. 


It's getting that chill in the air.

The trees are dying and the transition from wild times in the sun to subtle, and direct lines of comfort from the winds are growing strong….(Is it cuffing season already?)

Life is changing…

We are changing. Every minute and every moment we are making decisions that in the long run matter. When we look back on the road that has gotten us to this point, we are either inspired by our success or tortured by our shortcomings...either way both lines of thought make us who we are.

So as we choose up...we are cuffing life! We are making a choice to keep that fire burning inside of us, no matter what the elements feel like around us. We are choosing to move on, re-evaluate, or stay put and assimilate.

There is no right answer...there is no right wrong.

If there is something to claim, let it be something worth blooming, when the chill leaves the air.

This one is for you.