The Cloud - Perspective

Last week Saturday’s event was inspired to bring our local soundcloud artist to life, and we can say it did just that. There was a crowd full of people, with a positive vibe, music was blasting, people were socializing. Not only was it just about local music but local vendors like Tastebuds Extravaganza, Missy’s Sweets and BiYu. You know what we say #SupportTheLocal.

Ashley Guyton, the boss lady responsible for the event, had a vision. From personal experience, she knows that Milwaukee has major talent that is underplayed. Her preference of listening to local music, good local music at that, sparked an idea. She told us she was a little nervous because she did not know how well it would be if she brought Soundcloud artist off the web and in your face. With faith in herself and a goal in mind, she went for it. These opportunities are stacked with exposure...and that's why CopyWrite was asked to attend. So who is really dropping gems on “The Cloud”?

The line up was pretty sweet. A few babies in the game, some underrated players, and even a local favorite.

JO, Nile, Marques Carson, Mo’City, Jackson Princess, Paper Stacks, J-Lamo, all blessed the mic.

So was the event a success?

From our eyes, we would have to say it was a great success. Bringing the community together for nothing but LOCAL fun from food, drinks, to music. JO started the crowd off right with smooth bars and lots of energy. Nile kept it going with his younger appeal, Marques Carson caught us off guard with his wordplay (we see you!). Next up we had Mo’City who kept us in that mellow zone to just keep vibin’. Jacksons Princess brought us that controversy (hop off her collar), confidence and control. Making a major impact on us was Paper Stacks, who said we ripped him apart last time, he hit us up for a review of his music. He went up there commanding the crowd with his catchy bars and stage persona. Keeping the crowd moving with his partner in crime Big Shakin’ on the mic. Following the performance, we took a moment to ask him how he felt about the event and he said: “it was a great vibe and performance because everyone came out just for the music, it wasn’t a club to get hype or anything like that it all about the music.” Giving us the insight of how the crowd can control the flow of an artist by letting us know that if the artist and the crowd are there for the same reason it can make it that much better. Last to bless the mic was, J-Lamo who was also celebrating the one year anniversary of his project Writer’s Block. As always he had the crowd going, they were singing along and jiggin’ with him. Excited with emotion of a year of success his presence was felt throughout the whole room.

Final thoughts!

Ashley feeling great about her turn out, with all the acts feeling inspired overall it was an event to remember. We can’t wait to see what Ashley has planned for us next.

(Picture by  Sherrod Avery)

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