#WordPlayWednesday - Reader Submission: The Reasons I Won't Leave

Reader’s Submission: (name withheld)

Here are words taken out of context. Emotional identification of the push and pull factors of maintaining things that we want, when they are hard to keep. If these words were said to you, where would you find your rebuttal? Word strategy. Word Play.


The Reasons I Won't Leave

stay, because you make me happy
stay, because people aren’t perfect
stay, because I care about you
stay, because I crave you
stay, because you give me reasons to keep pushing
stay, because just like you need me, I need you
stay, because every since you been here I’ve been some sort of happy
stay, because there are possibilities
stay, because when I leave I feel weak
stay, because when I don’t hear from you I’m empty
stay, because I’m only fulfilled when it’s you
stay, because no one else compares to you
stay,  because I have faith in you
stay, because I give a damn

stay...because I want to fucking be with you.

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