"I SAID WHAT I SAID" w/ Garahbrie: Consciously Trap Music?

Trap gor gabi.jpg

How long are we going to listen to these trap artists demote women, and promote drugs? That do more harm than good? I am an avid believer in some good old-fashioned trap music, especially while driving. I love the beat, I love the bass, and naturally, a person will learn the words to a song from listening to it over and over again. We use so many of these songs to “turn up” but more increasingly I have noticed that people are taking these words to heart, and not just my guys, my women do this as well. I love artists like Dolph and Moneybagg Yo for the explicit purpose of turning up, getting hype; but these songs also harbor a lot of hate and negativity. These are the lives of men who have been through things, who have turned to drugs for a semblance of financial stability. These are men who have been with women that have hurt them; this is THEIR interpretation, and as catchy as it may seem I really want to challenge others to understand that THIS IS NOT YOUR LIFE. I believe that music has power, and even when you feel like a song can’t be impactful, it can. Why do we listen to sad songs with a low slow beat and depressing lyrics when we’re upset? I am not asking the creators to change their style of music, because why should they have to? I’m simply observing those around me, and asking that you have your own mind. (Not a TRAP song) But just because Toni Romiti feels like “If he a dog, Imma dog too” doesn’t mean that YOU need to be that way, continue to love unconditionally. Just because.