Lorde Fredd33 - SANCTIFIED

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From the Artist Team: In “Sanctified,” Lorde Fredd33 seeks “salvation” by confronting the anger, frustration, and violence of his past. He elevates to a “higher place” as he sheds old skin, facing the next phase of his life. With roots in hip-hop, and influences from contemporary rap, the musical collaborations between Lorde Fredd33 and Q the Sun (which have been extensive over the past three years) are generally classified within those genres, however, the results of their creative process tend to fall more into the jazz and folk idioms. Lorde Fredd33 often refers to his work as Gospel, clarifying that “Gospel is nothing more than spoken word with a higher purpose.” “Sanctified,” the first song on Fredd33’s upcoming album, NORF, is a modern day Gospel song, from it’s chorus - “I feel sanctified” - to its contemplation of daily life - “I roll with artists, killers, dealers, ‘cause they know themselves” - to its sway and chordal tonality. It creates a mood of seeking, a feeling of vulnerability. In regard to NORF, producer Q the Sun adds, “The goal is to present a new sound and mindset; music that depicts a specific place and time, and at the same time transcends that space by opening new possibilities.”