#WeSeeYou UZOO - Attack (Official Video)

What the fuck is in Connecticut? 

UZOO is in motherfucking Connecticut.

Created by Joey Batts in 2015, UZOO is a Wu-Tang Clan-like supergroup that lives and breathes hip-hop.

In "Attack", the emcees are ready to go blow-by-blow; showing off their animal instincts to survive with their pack as they flow off each other and tag team the track seamlessly. It's a cypher really but a DOPE one. Bringing shine to the talents of everyone involved, from the flows of the lyricists to the crazy rugged production from Rudy (of ClaS!cK), Hologram (of Funk Gero), Alfredo and many more. The video for the track is no different; creating that feeling of being in the middle of a cypher in that underground and raw environment.

They killed it and #WeSeeYou UZOO. 

Peep the craziness below.