CW - On the Street #SociallyResponsible Campaign II

CopyWrite is on a mission to uplift our community by using our platform to change the narrative and empower the individual. We recognize that big issues take systematic change, but we also believe that every person has their own power and should not be afraid to use it. We challenge you to discover yours.

Our #SociallyResponsible campaign sheds a light on the various perspectives that make up Milwaukee’s community in the hopes that we find a more realistic approach to coexistence. It's time to look a little deeper.

Take a look at our second video in the series, asking the question, "What does it mean to be Socially Responsible?" 

Then take a position on humanity. Be #SociallyResponsible

Shooter: Mahdi Gransberry // Music by Dipperachi ft. Pizzle & Reggie Bonds