Epic Shit Toronto Ni**a Go Crazy // Day Three at SXSW

Day 3 CWatSXSW: 

They are out here Wildi'n. They are out here Actin'. They are out here and we got a piece of the action!!!!

One more night in the city of Austin and it was definitely an eventful one coming from the CopyWrite perspective.


Pool side sittin', glamour shot gettin'...Is that Lex/Dirty in a swim suit Pimp'n?

Yes indeed! 

Day 3 started of with an impromptu photo shoot with me poolside getting fried like chicken, glistening in baby oil! (S/O to the best Shooter ever, Mahdi). The fun ego booster was followed by a trip to the SXSW Convention Center, where I got a chance to sit in on Conversations with T.I. , where he premiered his new short film, US or Else. The #SociallyResponsible, commentary on societal norm of police brutality, with its 3 perspective roll played by T.I. himself, was meant "to inspire healthy dialogue." 

During his QA with SWAYYYYYYY (Me & Sway took a selfie by the way)  T.I. commented on the structure of Police and Community interaction and using criminal activity as a means of survival saying: 

"How can you play fair when everyone else is cheating?...We out there gambling they out there winning!" The music, the film, and T.I.'s current public political & social stance, is arguably some of his most powerful work thus far.

Ummm But about last night...Did Jazz Cartier really tell the security guard to suck his dick? Did Jazz really hang from the ceiling like a batty bat bat? Did Jazz really kick a security guard in the face? On his birthday? Is that how y'all rockin' it in Toronto? Good Gawd!

(But after the hustle and bustle I also ran into Chicago's Westside Fyeee Saba! (Selfie time!)


Day 3 was Epic. I need a Nap!


It's a photoshoot! After art directing Dirty's photoshoot (swimsuit calendar coming soon); I had my own. It was coollllll. Mahdi (as you know) makes every women beautiful so it was easy and relax. In between doing my photoshoot and art directing another photoshoot for CopyWrite Connect Ariel, we got chicken! Nom Nom Nom.... 

Then proceeded to music, music, then fugazi. AJ Tracey (from London) was dope. Kodie Shane was fiya. Saba killed it and we're basically friends now. (He probably knows my face at least and we've had more than one conversation lol. Milwaukee Show April 4.)

And then this man; Jazz Cartier....

dope beats, decent bars but for his performance.... stay on the stage and the ground and don't kick the staff and don't beat up fans and well you get the point. 


CW came through the Empire Control Room to see the "Bubblegum Trap" Stylings of Kodie Shane. Little did we know we were also seeing Saba. We were supposed to see him last night, but we never made it (Karma looking out for the homies).

Before Saba, I'm looking at the lineup and I ask a stranger "Who is Jazz Cartier?" He responded "Jazz is cool. He a little wild in his shows tho, but that's my mans. He real cool." He pulled out his snapchat to show us some videos of Jazz performing earlier in the week, he has great energy.

Jazz Cartier is a Toronto rapper and he actually seems pretty cool. Great beat selection for sure, but I wasn't really feeling his verses. Listen to this track as you read on because it puts you in the headspace...

This show was WILD, BABY. WILD. Early in the show Jazz told us it was his birthday and so it's safe to say he was under some influences. This man was hanging from a makeshift rod holding up the projectors and lights for the stage. One of the Empire Stage Crew members ran off to gather the Empire's greatest warriors to protect the house. After Jazz Caviar finished his song, new Empire personnel appeared on both sides of the stage. There was this skinny, Thor-looking dude on one side posted and ready to hop on stage at any given notice and on the other side of the stage you had a Puerto Rican dude in all black, another white guy holing up the door and the star gladiator... Black Guy with Rolled up Short Sleeves and Glasses (Glasses).

You could tell Glasses is all about business. He's there to do one job... protect the Empire (you know he was the HNIC because he had the ear piece). The show keeps going and Jazz once again hangs on the rod and the whole team gets up to tell him to get down. Jazz Chardonnay shoves Glasses and Glasses just stands back.

Strike One.

Jazz's DJ comes in and gets him down realizing his friend was about to take an L. In retaliation for being told what not to do on his birthday, Jazz tell security (specifically Glasses) to "suck his dick" and invited several audience members on stage to crowd surf with him.

Strike Two.

Jazz didn't crowd surf tho. He was literally walking on the crowd and hanging from the banisters. He was hanging upside looking like Blackula while rapping his song 'Dead or Alive.' The man was damn near Tarzan-ing himself across the crowd until he stood on the sound table.

When Jazz first started to bring up people I put my backpack on and unplugged Dirty's phone. I just had that feeling that we'd have to make a quick move. Security walks calmly through the crowd to tell Jazz Capri-sun to get off the sound table (the sound guys were freaking all the way out by the way) Jazz KICKS Glasses in the face.

Strike Three.

Jazz drops from the ceiling and is brawling with security. One of his boys (who invited Syn to an after party with Jazz and KYLE during the show) leaped off the stage and started SWINGING on everybody. Even the bystanders trying to break up the fight. I end up next to Saba and we just looking like "YOOOOOOOOO! How did this even happen???" You'll see footage of our after talk in the recap video.

SXSW ended with a bang (and we definitely weren't going to that after party) and it was exciting. Looking forward to staying longer next year and finally getting a good taco.

CW/Circle MoBB will definitely be back in Austin soon.