PS/CW: Personal Style with CopyWrite - Lexi's Weekend in Cali

PS/CW: Personal Style with CopyWrite

Not all looks are meant to turn heads and break hearts. Fashion can be transitional, functional, and simply a way to feel confident in your own skin living your life, and not keeping up with the Jones's.

Our Editor-in-Chief Lexi a.k.a Dirty, recently took a weekend trip to the Bay (San Francisco & Oakland to be exact). On her quick trip, she reflected on her personal style, crossing over from travel, business, artsy pass times, and of course exploring the city. Here are some snapshots of a few of her looks, reflecting style with purpose.


After shopping, packing and catching a flight to Cali and all while getting things CW approved, Lexi’s look shows she is ready for comfy Urban business handling; networking, running errands or meeting with people. In this photo, she’s styled her in an all-purpose outfit.


Suitcase Check List:

  • Black fitted bodysuit
  • Black/White Adidas kicks
  • Black hoodie
  • Embellished Army Fatigue jacket
  • Big sunglasses


The next outfit you see Lexi wearing was inspired by her blond hair, adjusting to weather changes and busy day. Here she is on Berkeley's campus after attending an Urban Design critique.  As you see she is prepared for the summer day with the black and white pinstripe romper & cover up. This definitely brings out her hair style (sassy new blonde). Lexi is ready to handle business in style.


Suitcase Check List:

  • Romper
  • Lightweight coverup
  • Fitted choker & chain
  • Tie up flats
  • Gold earrings
  • Large gold bracelet.


The last look is awesome & my personal favorite!

For Lexi’s day around downtown San Francisco, shopping, seeing art exhibits and visiting design studios, she wore an oversized blouse, paired with every girl must have, black leggings. Everyone loves this lazy look but Lexi made it look professional and stylish. With her heels, matching her choker and her purse, she gave her look a consistent pop that is played up by accessories.



Suitcase Check List:

  • Flowy button down dress shirt
  • Black leggings
  • Camel colored bootie Heels
  • Camel colored choker
  • Matching handbag

*As you can see black and white was the main colors pallet for this trip; this gave her lead way to adjust the outfits for the appropriate activity. Transitional looks keep you prepared for any environment.

You never know what may be on the agenda, but you always want to look good and be yourself doing it.