PBR & MKE Back At It

 All this great weather, barbecues and cold PBR’s being passed around this weekend has the CW team thinking about all the great events that will be happening this summer, and how the movement has been picking up in our city.

We are still very excited about MKE culture striving and Pabst re-opening bringing our favorite Urban components together in one big celebration;  Art, Music, Culture, and Community. We sent out CopyWrite’s newest intern, Garahbrie, to test the waters of PBR a few weeks ago, and this is what she had to say:

The Pabst Brewing Grand Opening street festival was an amazing event, and it was nice to see people from around the city come out just to have an enjoyable time. As CopyWrite’s newest addition I chose this as my first event to cover so Mahdi and I took to the streets!

Arriving I was nervous, there was a line three blocks long to enter the festival and there was SO much happening. I was starting to question why I took on something so large my first time around.

The festival took place on May 13, 2017 (at 1037 W Juneau Ave) to celebrate the reopening of the Pabst Brewery.  Executive Director of the Milwaukee County Historical Society, Mame McCully explained on PabstMKEBrewery.com, “Pabst returning to Milwaukee is actually just a physical presence. It never really left in the sense that it’s always been Milwaukee’s beer. Just because it wasn’t made right here on Pabst’s grounds anymore, it didn’t stop existing for us. This is forever going to be Brew City, MKE, and it’s forever going to be the place where the major beer industry was born. It’s a return to their heritage.” This clearly not just exciting for Pabst but also for the city and culture around it.

Pulling into the parking structure with money in hand and the attendant noticed my CopyWrite press pass and let me right through! That readers, was INSANE! That really happens? I parked my car and got ready to make this three-block hike to the END of a very long line.

Walking by the entrance I was stopped AGAIN and told to go through, and that I didn’t need to wait, at that point I was FLOORED… Okay, CopyWrite! Intern perks are in full effect!

I interviewed festival goers just to get a feel of where people’s heads were at. When I asked, what made them come to the festival so many people responded, “I came for the beer and Ish Darr!” I must admit, I was excited to see Ish perform live as well, and it was definitely worth it! He performed tracks from his 2016 project “Broken Hearts and Bankrolls” and wrapped up by performing my favorite, “Too Bad.” I even snagged a pic with him after!

Two festival goers with forty ounce beers taped, yes taped, to their hands sparked my interest so I decided to ask them a few questions about how they were enjoying the festival with a response, “Welcome back Pabst, we’ve missed you! Woo Hoo!” complete with yelling and genuine laughter.

Other GREAT acts performed including, New Age Narcissism, Hugh Masterson, D’amato, Masked Intruder, and Abby Jeanne.

After catching some dope performances Mahdi and I got to meet MORE festival goers, and got some visuals that were to DIE for, everyone knows that I love Mahdi’s work.

I was randomly asked to play a game of cornhole (bean bag toss), which I SUCKED at by the way. I have bad aim and noodle arms. Not a match made in cornhole heaven folks. It was an amazing aura, being able to interact with complete strangers as if I have known them for years. The Pabst Brewery was able to make that happen.

There were tons of vendors and sponsors there as well! From OnMilwaukee, to Milwaukee Record, Moda 3, and 88Nine. I visited 88Nine earlier this weekend with Lexi and Mahdi, and as always, it was something great happening. The youth performed their original pieces to a very interactive crowd on the 88Nine stage, of course, CopyWrite was there because we have to #SupportTheLocal

This event was mad with networking, and love! The city made me proud! All in all, I am happy I chose this as my first event to cover. It got me so excited to see what Summer ‘17 has in store. Catch all that visual work though right here at CW!

/Garahbrie (CW Intern)