Making AMY proud // Amy Winehouse Tribute by VoodooHoney

Amy Winehouse was a force to be reckoned with.

Her music had this energy to it. The kind of energy that made you want to cry because you felt her pain, the kind of energy that moved the room, and the kind of energy that made you rethink if you ever loved hard enough or if you were just kidding yourself.

She was REAL and her voice could snatch the soul out of any listener in the radius.

So when CopyWrite heard that VoodooHoney Records was putting on an Amy Winehouse Tribute in July; we had to be there. It couldn’t be missed.

The Amy Winehouse Supper Club was a two-day event honoring the late songstress on the 6th year anniversary of her passing (July 23rd, 2011) and when we talk about energy in the room; the WHOLE event brought it.

CopyWrite went to the “opening” night and at 9pm; Company Brewing was packed with guests for both supper reservations but also a standing crowd that was there in anticipation for the amazing line-up of soulful voices to come.

Our supper reservation (luckily enough) gave us some of the best seats in the house; front row to the stage and all the action. Supper included an ‘A la carte’ menu along with the full Company Brewing dinner menu. And yes, for those of you who don’t know, not only is Company Brewing a great place for a drink and some live local music; they are also a fully-functioning brewery and restaurant (all-day) serving good and bougie crafted beer/cocktails along with some good and bougie food right there in Riverwest. Emphasis on the Bougie.

But back to the music; the show was incredible to say the least. Split into three sections with short intermissions, the line-up included most of our local favorite singers who put their spin on either a classic Amy song or a jazz song that Amy covered at one point in her career.

It was all really breathtaking witnessing such a diverse crowd all gather to enjoy Amy’s legacy.

It even says more when the crowd was brought to silence for multiple acts throughout the night.

Some highlights of the night were Siren’s acoustic version of ‘Back to Black’, Lili K’s rendition of ‘Best Friends’, Abby Jeanne (just all of her), Angie Swan with the vocals of Olivia Gonzales on ‘Valerie’, Yasmeen Daniels ‘Wake Up Alone’ and Arsène DeLay (who traveled all the way from New Orleans). Then let’s just clap for the whole band. **clap for ‘em**

The sultry, vivacious, melodic vibe that Amy possessed was captivated by the unique qualities in each musician and vocalist, which is no easy task.

Also we can’t forget Jay’s (what we assume) drunk anecdotes on a stage that was rightfully owned and operated by him. He deserved it.

Needless to say, we loved it. We love Amy and we love Jay for putting this together. We’ll be waiting for a VooDooHoney album of this whole set (Thank us later and call up Universal.)

/Syn for CW

**P.S. I was bias. I love Amy Winehouse and literally every artist that came on the stage killed it and I could have mentioned them all. Peace.