CopyWrite X Summerfest - Flume

CopyWrite at Summerfest. Ayyyyy. Yeet! Yeet!

After being at Summerfest for years as a spectator, I went out on the first day to get a feel for things as press… and I picked quite the day. I could see the storm clouds brewing as I rode in to the grounds. Darkness descends on the Hoan Bridge and I attacked the night with the happy-go-lucky CopyWrite attitude that attracted management to me…

I recognized fugazi was fugazi and said “might as well.”

The fugazi...

The fugazi...

Even with all the water, I had a decent day as press. Got the run around a couple times because only certain people on the Summerfest security team know what the media credential looks like, but once it was all squared away, I saw a dope performance by Flume.

Lights and heavy bass. That’s what I really need in this world.

Check out some shots below.

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