Kewl Feat Eddie Jame$- Supreme

Want something new to listen to? Check out Supreme by Kewl featuring Eddie Jame$. I am a jigger, don’t go the wrong way with that, let me explain! When I truly vibe to a song I inadvertently “jig” to it.

Supreme makes me “jig.”

The song starts, the beat is super chill, but the bars are there from the beginning! Catch the line where Kewl says, “... takin’ shots that’s a b-roll.” (Yeah that was cold; you media minds will understand that reference). When the bass drops Kewl uses that as another opportunity to go off, and continues on a constant flow throughout the song. Did you breathe sir?

Eddie Jame$ comes in and gives the track even more sauce, slowing it down a bit over the beat, letting listeners “feel it.”

Overall the song is dope; I will definitely listen when I’m trying to catch a vibe, now it’s your turn! Let us know what you think! Listen & watch “Supreme” below: