Ammorelle Cinema EP Release Party


Young, unique, and gifted. What a star forming triplex.

Ammorelle, is out with her new  EP “Cinema”, which she kicked off with a cinematic listening party August 25th, at MKE’s ornamented Tripoli Shrine Temple.


Her work being on the /CW “come up” radar for the last year or so, we thought it be interesting to see what the “newbie” MKE music scene is cooking up.

The event was inviting, interestingly diverse and of course musically entertaining. There was a little bit of everything to keep you interested. Drinks, “red carpet” photo ops, merch, belly dancing, free raffle, and even a complimentary popcorn bar…Yum! (What was on that stuff... was that a hint of fresh pepper or was I tripping? lol)

One of my favorite additives to the event would have to be the live body art done by Liv Venus, featuring Hollis Key as her model and custom body painting by  Lotus Valentine. I myself caught a session and received an abstract blue bird over my lower leg. It was so pretty I didn't want to wash it off. (I kind of enjoy being a canvas.)


Though the lady of the hour was Ammorelle, she shared her stage with a live band and guest acts, Fivy, RoyalT Mcf, & Randy II. and poetry by Uniquee. Her own performance was very intimate, vibey and refreshing because Ammorelle’s aura was simply all her own. She had her inside jokes, her commentary to the crowd and her ad lib like noises. Her voice became a part of the band. She was enjoying her moment.

As far as the EP goes, Cinema is a nice touch to the opening credits of Ammorolle’s career. Her vocals are soulful and sultry, but edgy, and carefree. The contrast between her young aura totes the line with her more matured acoustics.

Where tracks like “Superbad” have you feeling yourself, the song “*69” brings some playful allusions that still show strategy in lyric choice and artistic identity.

Amorelle, just like a movie is giving all of us something to watch. With a great support system, a grounded squad and an open mind, there is no reason that this “sound” won't pop!

Get your Cinema EP download HERE


(Images provided by Lotus Valintine)